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A passionate and experienced actor with Downs Syndrome


“I am an actor, a dancer and a woman first.  I have green eyes and Downs Syndrome. I am different, that is good.  I have been a professional for over ten years and I am getting interesting work. Most recently I was in Crocodiles at the Manchester Royal Exchange – a great new play from writer Lee Mattison, directed by Ng Choon Ping with an amazing cast. I loved working with them all and being in something new and different”


Details make characters real for me, like the perfume they wear. Pamela in BBC’s Upstairs Downstairs wore ‘Blue Grass’ and Sally in Call The Midwife used ‘Coty L’Aimant’. I like to think about how they smell, what they eat, how they move and what has happened to them in the past. I like learning about history and about people.



  • CALL THE MIDWIFE  BBC1 TV Episode 5 – ‘Sally’ –   written for me.
  • CBEEBIES Bedtime stories 2013 and 2014
  • HOLBY CITY episode 50 ‘Tina’ – Director Audry Cooke
  • UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS Series One and Two – ‘Pamela Holland’ -BBC1 – directors Marc Jobst & Anthony Byrne
  • UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS Series One - ’Pamela’ - BBC1 - director Saul Metzstein.
  • DOCTORS ‘CARELESS WHISPERS – ”Ellie Andrews’ - BBC1 - director Diana Patrick
  • CASUALTY ‘PEACE IN OUR TIME’ - ’Katie’ – BBC TV  - director Andy Hay.
  • PEAK PRACTICE ‘WALLS OF JERICO’ - ’Jessica Bain’ – Carlton Television – director Gill Wilkinson.



  • CROCODILES ‘Matilda Glass’ – Manchester Royal Exchange – Director NG Ping
  • INFANT KING – ‘Virgin Mary’ – All Saints Centre, Lewes – Directors: William Wallace and Sarah Gordy
  • HAROLD PINTER SHORTS – ‘Barmaid’ & ‘Bag lady’  - Brighton Festival  – director: Aine King
  • WALKING ON WATER – ‘Jess’  Theatre Centre (Second tour England & Wales) co-directors: Bernadette O’Brien and William Elliott.
  • INTO THE BLUE – ‘Rosie’  – Arcola Theatre London – director Deborah Paige
  • PAPER PEOPLE – ‘Girl One’ - Kazzum Theatre - director Daryl Beeton
  • ONCE WE WERE MOTHERS – ‘Flora’ - Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond - director Elly Jones.
  • SEIZE THE DAY – ‘Mary McBride’ Hijinx Theatre Cardif  - director Gaynor Lougher.
  • WALKING on WATER – Jess – Theatre Centre (tour)  co-directors Bernadette O’Brien & William Elliott.
  • WOOD FOR THE TREES – Forum theatre (tour) ‘Marie’- director Daniel Rachel.
  • ONCE WE WERE MOTHERS  - ‘Flora – New Vic Theatre, Newcastle under Lyme - director Gwenda Hughes.
  • PAPER PEOPLE – ‘First Girl’ - Kazzum Theatre (tour) , director Daryl Beeton.



  • JASMINE – ‘Jasmine’,  London Film Festival BFI 24th October 2011, London Short Film Festival January 2012 - Writer director Sonia Castang
  • WOOD FOR THE TREES – ‘Marie’ – Director Rod Main
  • ‘TIME SLIP” – ‘Rose’ directed by Suchi Chattergee (won OskaBright Award)


Commercial work

  • GETTING IT RIGHT – TV- ’Michelle’ , Kirkwall Media for Mencap, director Fraser Keddie
  • BETH AND TOM – TV  ‘Beth’ , Space City Productions, director Ben Dodd.
  • REASSURING LLOYD – TV- ‘Sarah’ – The Business Production Co - director Kevin Hewit
  • ARD GERMAN LOTTERY – TV  “Benny” Sterntag film GMBH, director Greg Maya.
  • THE REVIEW – Corporate Film – “Jennifer” , director Steve Staller



  • NEW CYCLE OF MYSTERY PLAYS ‘The Good Samaritan’ by Katie Hims  ”Janine” – BBC Radio 3 – director Jessica Dromgoole
  • THE PEOPLE’S PASSION ‘Resurrection’ – by Nick Warburton  ”Alice” – BBC Radio 4 – director Jonquil Panting
  • THE MEEK – ‘Simone/Wondergirl’ -BBC Radio 3 - director is Kirsty Williams



  • Richard Bailey’s model for ‘After Vermeer’ SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES EXHIBITION, international touring exhibition.



  • I CAN’T EXPLAIN AND I WONT EVEN TRY – Tour – choreographer Daniel Vais, Dancers John Livingston and Sarah Gordy 2013/2014.



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