Our Young Ambassadors

 Ambassadors support us by raising vital funds and also raising awareness of our charity in their local community.  Our ambassadors are the face of our charity.

Our charity ambassadors:

  • Organise fundraising events in their area
  • Attend cheque presentations
  • Give short talks about our charity and the work we do
  • Place collection boxes in local businesses such as restaurants and shops
  • Identify new fundraising opportunities in their area such as Charity of the Year, Community trusts
  • Source auction and raffle prizes
  • Help out at workshops
  • Inspire children and young people with Learning Disabilities to follow their dreams!

We are hugely committed to supporting our volunteers, who make such a valuable difference to our charity.  Ambassadors must be over 18, or if under 18 have a parent/guardian working alongside them.

We also require Celebrity Ambassadors who can act as a figurehead for our Charity.  An ambassador is not a Trustee and does not have any of the legal responsibilities of a Trustee or for the management of the organisation.  The purpose of an Ambassador is to lend high-profile support to the children and young people with learning disabilities supported by our charity. This will, in turn, support many of the charity’s functions like fundraising, campaigning, public relations, marketing and awareness-building for our cause.

To register your interest, please email us.

To read about our Charity Ambassadors, click on their profile below.

Jonathan - Young Ambassador (Bristol)

I was born in 1989 with a rare condition called agenesis of the corpus callosum which means that a part of my brain is not working properly. This means I am always forgetting things and I struggle with many day-to-day tasks that most people take for granted, like using numbers and making myself understood.

Over the years I have had real problems making new friends and getting people to respect me. What really frustrates me is that people think I look normal and don’t give me enough time to express myself.

One of my biggest dreams is to live independently like any normal person would do. With the help and support of my parents and Personal Assistant I was able to move in to a supported living unit where I learned some valuable and essential skills like, cleaning and budgeting. This was a real challenge and took a long time but it was really worth it as I have recently been able to move in to a flat on my own.

My other dream is for my poetry to be published so that other people can appreciate my work and Follow my Dreams have been helping me make this a reality. I would also like to work with people less fortunate than myself and am hoping to get some voluntary work at a nearby nursing home where I will be able to recite my poetry.

I know I am always going to have trouble with some things in my life but with the support of others I know I can achieve my dreams and I would like to help others to achieve their dreams.


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