Our Trustees

The Charity is constituted as a registered Charity and as a company limited by guarantee.  The Board of Trustees has responsibility for the Governance of the Charity and for oversight and direction of the affairs of the Charity. It sets this strategy and reviews it annually.  The Board of Trustees meets at bi-monthly and takes reports at each meeting from the Chief Executive (to whom it entrusts day to day running of the Charity) as regards the progress of the Charity against this strategy and against agreed planning and financial targets and budgets. The Chief Executive reports regularly to the Chair of Trustees to ensure accountability and good communication and provides the Board as a whole with appropriate and timely information and reports.

The Trustees of Follow Your Dreams want to ensure a clear strategic direction for the Charity and to support its further development and growth. The development and growth outlined in the Strategy is regarded as being in harmony with the Charity’s responsibility to meet unmet need within the parameters of its charitable purpose. It is also seen as ensuring the forward viability and sustainability of the Charity for the future.

To contact our trustees, write to:  Chair of Trustees, Follow Your Dreams, Gwynfa House, Main Road, Church Village.  CF38 1RN

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'Follow Your Dreams' Company No. 04673165. Registered in accordance with the Charities Act 1960. No 1106379 Registered Office. Gwynfa House, Main Road, Church Village, CF38 1RN
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