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We had a fabulous LifeWise session last Thursday. The group thought we were learning from print outs about some new animals that we hadn't heard of before. We then did a word search which was great fun as our volunteer Emma had put some hidden animals in.

Imagine the groups surprise, when the animals came into the room. We got to meet an Opossum, Lesser Tenrec, Blue Tongue Skink, Pancake Tortoise, Green Cheeked Conure and Ball Python. This gave not only a better understanding of the animals, but a great sensory experience too. And the group came up with some really interesting questions to ask A & S Animal Encounters

We were able to fund this session with thanks to a recent trust fund donation. Thank you to our volunteers Emma, Pam, Pauline and Meg for helping out with the session. We are looking forward to next week when we will be cupcake decorating!

We are accepting new applications to our LifeWise group, please email for further details.

Click on the link below, to watch the video from this sesion;-


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